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GardenGuide can help you choose the right plant for your garden location/hardiness zone. Filter by sun conditions, color, or plant type. Tab over to the plant list to view your filter results. Select a plant from the list for images and details about that plant.

Plant List View: Plants that have been saved to your favorites list display a yellow star.

Press plant name to enter plant detail view.

Plant Detail View: View photos and information about the selected plant.

Press blue arrows to view different images.

Press star in upper right corner to save as a favorite, the star will turn yellow when saved.

Filter View: To access the filter view, press the funnel tab icon at the bottom of the screen.

Adjust the filters to match your preferences.

Select the blue text to open a drop-down menu of filter options for each category.

With the filter settings displayed below, only herbaceous plants with pink blossoms will remain in the plant list.

Press the view button or the list icon to view the list of filtered results.