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CmpdCalculator aids with calculating a compound's mass using an interactive periodic table. The mass for one mole of the compound can be found by selecting the type and number of each element in the chemical formula. For example, to detemine the mass of MgCl2, press on the element Mg in the periodic table. This will cause a pop-up box to appear, and enter "1", then select Cl and enter "2". To determine the mass of Mg(NO3)2, select Mg and enter "1". Next in the upper right menu, select "polyatomic ion", then select N, and NO3 from the available polyatomic ions. Enter "2".

Step 1: Choose your element(s) and enter number of moles.

Step 2: When the equals button or the plus button is pressed, your molar mass will display.

If you use the plus button, you can keep adding on more elements or polyatomic ions and the display will show a running tally.

When you press the equals button, your final result will be displayed. Choosing another element will start a new tally.

Extra: Learn about the elements by pressing on a given element's symbol when the pop-up box appears.

Select the element's mass, when the pop-up box appears, to view the isotopes of that element.